A Humble Start…

Everyone has a blog page these days.  People that have a website will still have a link to their blog page on the website.  It’s the thing to do for sure, and another sure thing is that I am getting into the game far later than everyone else.

So where to begin?  It seems like your first post should be something groundbreaking, earth shattering and overall, something that sets the whole thing in motion from that point forward.  What I realized, however, is that if I try to construct something like this for my first post, I’ll probably never get around to posting something I feel is 100% right.

So, this is post number one.  Painfully boring and uneventful.  It talks about nothing at all, especially not coffee.  I do hope, though, that it acts as a springboard to give me a tiny little start into the blogging community.



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