Once Burrs are Hot, How Hot and for How Long?

Flat vs. conical, the debate that seems to occupy every grinder forum on the internet in at least a couple posts was raised again the other day.  Someone raised a point that, for some reason, I had never thought of before:  Conical burrs have more mass and turn slower, so they don’t heat up as quickly.  We already knew this, this is why they are to a busy cafe’s advantage.  However, once they are hot they are hotter longer because they are larger.  This was a new thought for me, and is obviously to the disadvantage of a really busy cafe during the rush times.

Has anyone ever checked the temperature of their burrs after a really busy couple of hours?  How long does it really take for conical burrs to heat up, especially verses flat burrs?  And once they are hot, do flat burrs cool off faster than conical burrs?  It seems that their smaller mass would mean they would have to, according to physics and all.

So I guess my question is, do shops routinely get busy enough that those “ever-to-our-cooler-advantage” conical burrs get as hot as flat burrs?  Is the conical shape actually to the advantage of staying cooler longer?

Why am I so fascinated with grinders?

I’m interested to see where comments go…



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