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Some people measure in CC’s.  I ran cross country in high school and our shirts always were marked CC.  Although this CC is for cross country, I won’t be running this one.  I think it might take me about a year if I were to run this one and my stamina just isn’t what it used to be back in high school…  Here I come Vancouver.  I’m only 16 days away.


DAY ONE- 12/13/09
Leave Kalamazoo 10:00 AM
-Gas stop before Chicago 12:00 PM
-Lunch/gas stop near Madison, WI 3:00 PM
-Dinner/gas stop near Sioux Falls, SD 10:00 PM
-Arrive Rapid City, SD 3:00 AM
That’s right… 17 hours.  Get your Coffee/Red Bull/Monster/Adderall/Adrenaline IV Drip ready to roll!  And yes, it’s true that I just want to put as many miles as I possibly can between myself and Kalamazoo on my first day.  I don’t hate the ‘Zoo, but I don’t want to see it in my rear view mirror either.

DAY TWO- 12/14/09
Leave Rapid City, SD 11:00 AM
-Gas stop in Rapid City, SD
-Mt. Rushmore 11:30 AM
-Gas/lunch/dinner stop near Sheridan, WY 4:00 PM
-Arrive Bozeman, MT 8:30 PM
Keeping it short on the second day, I anticipate being completely exhausted from the first day of traveling.

DAY THREE- 12/15/09
Leave Bozeman, MT 10:00 AM
-Gas stop in Bozeman, MT
-Mammoth Springs, Yellowstone, MT 12:15 PM
-Cooke City, Yellowstone, MT 2:00 PM (U-turn after due to seasonal roads)
-Gas/lunch stop in Livingston, MT 4:00 PM
-Gas/dinner stop in Missoula, MT 8:30 PM
-Arrive Kalispell, MT 12:00 AM

DAY FOUR- 12/16/09
Leave Kalispell, MT 11:00 AM
-Gas stop in Kalispell, MT
-Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, MT 1:00 PM
-Gas/lunch stop Plains, MT 4:30 PM
-Gas/dinner stop Spokane, WA 7:30 PM
-Arrive Yakima, WA 10:45 PM

DAY FIVE- 12/17/09
Leave Yakima, WA 11:00 AM
-Gas stop in Yakima, WA
-Gas/lunch Goldendale, WA 12:45 PM
-Arrive Vancouver, WA 3:00 PM


16 days and I can barely stand it.


18 Days.

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As the majority of the country starts to save up for the Holidays, I’ve started saving right along with them, but for a completely different reason:  I’m moving to the West Coast.

I’m truly excited about the move.  Sure it’s a fresh start in a new city, with new people and new surroundings, but that’s not my main reason for excitement.  I’ve never felt truly challenged as a barista before, and I am anticipating this new store and new boss to completely kick my butt when it comes to being challenged.  In the past I would challenge myself to get better and better everyday, but I never found myself really pressed to improve my skills from any of my co-workers or bosses.  It’s not that they were poor workers, it’s just that there is a difference between a barista and a career barista.  There was always something to learn- helping to challenge, teach and train my fellow baristas was always something that helped to advance my knowledge of the craft, but I never felt challenged back.  Although there was pressure, it was not the same as direct attention from someone that cares as much or more about the quality of coffee than I do.  I’ve never felt intimidated before, and now I do.  It’s a strange feeling to be excited about intimidation.  To be overjoyed about being forced to push your limits.  I’m actually looking forward to no longer being a standout.

As I move to new shores and a new coast, I’ll have to let go of the coast and coasting that came with this Michigan shore that I have come to love for so long.  When I walk into work from now on I’m not going to throw lingo over people’s heads if I start talking about coffee beyond “light roast and dark roast.”  I’m moving to a shop where people can pull flavors out of a coffee in the same way I try to.  I’m moving to a shop where people challenge themselves to become better everyday, just like I have done for so long.

It will be nice to be in like company.

18 days.