When we receive a new coffee it has an ID number.  In the case of this particular Burundi it was 2152.  Before I go about tasting a coffee I don’t want to know too much about it.  If it’s a farm that I’ve dealt with before then I might start formulating flavors in my mind that aren’t actually present in the cup.  Now, this isn’t the case with this particular coffee, and it was an impossibility that it could have been the case because of my limited exposure to Burundi coffees in the past, but still I thought I would shed light on how unfamiliar we are with a coffee when it’s first given to us as a sample.

So, to get back to the point, this coffee was tagged as Burundi 2152.  After I tasted it I logged onto the importer’s site and read up on the farm and washing station so I could become a little more informed about the coffee before posting my findings here.

Burundi Kayanza Yandaro Bourbon
Bourbons are usually a very buttery, smooth coffee and this one was no exception.

About the farm:
The Yandaro washing station is located in Northern Burundi, near Kayanza on the border of the Kibira National Park.

"Le ville de Kayanza" photo by Irakoze

The farm is located west of the other Burundi I tried this morning.  Just like the other coffee the farms carry an average altitude of 1750 meters and smallholder farms bring their coffee to the washing station.

In the cup:
The coffee wasn’t as dynamic as the Mwurire for me.  Lots of the same characteristics and qualities, and if I broke down the description into flavor terms it would almsot mirror the Mwurire, but everything just wasn’t as pronounced.  It was a little bit more buttery, but that was about it.  The finish was pretty non-existent.

Final Stats:
Aroma: 7.1
Flavor: 6.9
Acidity: 7.2
Body: 7.0
Finish: 6.8
Total: 85

More later.



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