Just like Columbus

I really fell of the deep end, so to speak, with coffee when I discovered that, for the most part, coffee in my area at the time sucked. It was stale, poorly roasted, and the greens were old and of low quality to start with.

So I started roasting my own.

Now we are trying to break down all of the different components to go into our chocolate blend, and well… crap.

Here’s to roasting cocoa nibs and to Alchemist John who is more or less going to have to hold our hands as we cross the ‘roasting cocoa nibs to perfection’ road.




One Response to “Just like Columbus”

  1. John is the man for this mission. I saw him roast a batch in a behmor at miKes homeroast gathering. I think it was Johns first batch in the behmor. This guy is all cocoa. I can’t wait to hook up with him at the SCAA Event a week away.

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