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This should certainly be a longer post considering the weight of everything in it…

Yemen Anesi is on the cupping table. I LOVE a good Yemen coffee.

It’s a long weekend and I’m going to actually relax a little bit…

Oh… and we bought another location. You know. The usual.

More in the coming days about the Anesi and also about some exciting new coffees going into our lineup and how you can get a hold of some.



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Spectacled Bear

Spectacled Bear

Sorry for the late reply from the other post, but I haven’t had anything blow me away recently.  There have been some interesting coffees, but interesting and mind-blowing are very different things when you get the chance to drink as much coffee as I (fortunately) do.

I tasted a Kenya Thicka French Mission Bourbon that was really surprising.  It did everything I thought it was going to: fruity-citrus-bomb from it “being Kenyan,” but also a rounded, smoothed out mouthfeel from it “being Bourbon.”  Quite the interesting cup and tomorrow I’m going to play with it as a single origin espresso shot.

Perhaps the most interesting coffee that has come across the table as of late is a Columbian that I have started calling “The Bear.”  It has to do with a mission that the import company (Cafe Imports) is undergoing to help save the Spectacled Bear (no, not a Speckled Bear, Spectacled) in Columbia.  It’s a pretty cool mission, pretty cool coffee, and, well, it’s a really cool bear.

The coffee itself is really fruited, but balanced.  I haven’t tasted it enough to comment on it a whole lot yet, and the samples I have had have all been very young, but the coffee isn’t as deep and chocolaty as I thought it would be.  It has a really nice cran-cherry jamminess to it and a pleasantly brisk acidity.  If frisky could be used to describe a coffee, it would be appropriate here.  Think about it…



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It’s been over a month since my last update… So I guess that means I fail at my attempt to blog more regularly. I will be posting the findings on some Kenyan coffees that we have gotten in over the past month and I am finishing up some other drafts I have been meaning to post. More tomorrow…