Spectacled Bear

Spectacled Bear

Sorry for the late reply from the other post, but I haven’t had anything blow me away recently.  There have been some interesting coffees, but interesting and mind-blowing are very different things when you get the chance to drink as much coffee as I (fortunately) do.

I tasted a Kenya Thicka French Mission Bourbon that was really surprising.  It did everything I thought it was going to: fruity-citrus-bomb from it “being Kenyan,” but also a rounded, smoothed out mouthfeel from it “being Bourbon.”  Quite the interesting cup and tomorrow I’m going to play with it as a single origin espresso shot.

Perhaps the most interesting coffee that has come across the table as of late is a Columbian that I have started calling “The Bear.”  It has to do with a mission that the import company (Cafe Imports) is undergoing to help save the Spectacled Bear (no, not a Speckled Bear, Spectacled) in Columbia.  It’s a pretty cool mission, pretty cool coffee, and, well, it’s a really cool bear.

The coffee itself is really fruited, but balanced.  I haven’t tasted it enough to comment on it a whole lot yet, and the samples I have had have all been very young, but the coffee isn’t as deep and chocolaty as I thought it would be.  It has a really nice cran-cherry jamminess to it and a pleasantly brisk acidity.  If frisky could be used to describe a coffee, it would be appropriate here.  Think about it…



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