ThatCoffeeGuy’s Bio

I’m Bryan Wray, a barista at the Strutt Bar and Cafe in Kalamazoo and this is my blog page.

I’ve been involved in coffee for over 6 years.  What started out as a job, quickly turned into a major interest, then an obsession and now is literally the main passion and driving force in my life.  My life would feel rather empty without coffee and it’s culture.

I love the people in coffee the most.  The passion that pours from someone’s lips as they wax poetic about this awesome shot they had at some shop off in the middle of nowhere is what keeps me tuned in.  It’s the fact that coffee is alive.  It’s ever-changing.  Just when you think you have really explored all there is to explore about an aspect of coffee you discover this tiny little aspect that opens the door to something you never even dreamed would become possible.

My main driving force in coffee is to educate.  Watching someone’s eyes light up when they taste a truly magnificent coffee, or seeing something finally “click” in their head during a cupping session is what really inspires me.  In the words of Chris Ownes, “It is my hope that people realize that coffee is more than a caffeine delivery service.  It can be a culinary art.”


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